Include File Dependencies Watcher v.

Visualize c/c++ include dependencies. Maintain good include hierarchy with less effort. For large C/C++ projects it is definitely a must-have tool.

Some features:
  • You can study include dependencies of several files at the same time
  • You can save the include files hierarchy as an image file
  • Cyclic dependencies are correctly displayed
  • The comments are parsed correctly
  • The preprocessor directives are not supported (other than #include and #import)
  • You can use it as a stand alone application or integrate it as an add in for Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010
  • It is possible to follow standard headers
  • COM includes (#import)
  • Using of colors simplifies reading of the diagram
  • Precompiled (or other predefined) headers may be ignored
  • #includes which might be reduced are shown in red
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Include File Dependencies Watcher Output

A real life example - dependencies of c++ standard include file "complex" from Visual Studio 2010:
Include File Dependencies Watcher Output
A free tool for viewing the include file dependencies (some call it include file hierarchies), removing unnecessary #include-s from your source code, and reducing compilation time:
Download Include Dependencies Watcher v. (VS2005)
Download Include Dependencies Watcher v. (VS2008)
Download Include Dependencies Watcher v. (VS2010)
Last update: 07.05.2012.

Use case study

As use case consider an open source c++ project outliner. Before using the "Include Dependencies Watcher" the #include graph has some unnecessary #includes:
Original #include graph
After removing red #includes the project can be compiled successfully and the #include graph becomes more clear:
Graph without unnecessary #include-s