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3 Ballz

Logic game - 3 Ballz - you have to put at least three colored balls in a colomn or a row. The more balls you connect, the more points you get!

A simple but exiting and vivid game will definitely help you to relax!

Use joystick or the keys 2, 4, 6, 8 to move the cursor in the game field. Press fire or key 5 to select the ball, and press the navigation key in the direction in which you want to exchange the balls.
In the beginning of the game you can exchange the ballz 20 times. If you managed to put the balls in row or colomn which contains more than 3 balls, you get the bonus points and additional tryes to exchange the balls.

Play now!
(Java required)

Download the game for your mobile. Download now!

Logic game 3 Ballz.
  • nice multicolor graphics
  • extended score and bonuses
  • table of HI-Score
  • original technology of addaptive images. This is a technology allow automatic calculate size of images from screen resolution different devices. On the all MIDP devices game will nice looks.
  • Compatibility with many devices From MIDP1.0 to Smartphones with j2me
  • small jar size (28kb)
Tested on:
Motorola:A630, A845,C380,C650,E398,A760,A780,V180,V220,V300/V400/V500,V600,V80,E680,C975/C980,E1000,V975/V980
Nokia: series 40, series 60,series 80
Alcatel:One Touch 756 556

Siemens:Series 65,
Sony Ericsson:P900,P910,F500i,K500,K508,K700,S700,V800,Z1010,Z500
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