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How to get or make LRC for your favorite songs

"LRC" is a file format of the text that includes lyrics, title, artist, album and time-info of each sentence of lyrics text. With the song and its LRC file, you can play music and show lyrics synchronously in the J2ME Application - LyricShow Player.

Example of the format of LRC files (in blue)

[ti:Big Big World]
[al:Big Big World]
[00:05.23]I'm a big big girl 
[00:07.79]in a big big world 
[00:10.56]It's not a big big thing if you leave me 
[00:16.10]but I do do feel that 
[00:18.70]I too too will miss you much 
[00:25.31]miss you much....
Explanation of each line:
[ti:Big Big World]           - Title, "ti:" means title
[ar:Emilia]                  - Artist, "ar:" means Artist
[al:Big Big World]           - Album, "al:" means Album. Album can be passed over.
[00:04.84]                   - Time-info, here's an empty line..
[00:05.23]I'm a big big girl - Time-info ([00:05.23]), the start time (0 minute
5 second and 230 millisecond) of each line of lyrics text (I'm a big big girl).
The rest lines are similar to the 5-th line.

  • Each line should be started with one item: Title, Artist, Album or Time-info.
  • Lyrics text should be following the item Time-info.
  • If the same lyric text has different start time, you can assemble the items Time-info into one line, like:
    [00:05.23][01:40.44][02:24.45]I'm a big big girl
  • Item Time-info [00:05.23] and [00:05] both are OK (millisecond can be passed over).

How to get or make LRC file of your own songs?

There are THREE ways to go:
  • Download LRC files automatically when you are playing music by using some special PC software or plug-ins like:
  • Search and Download the LRC file for your own songs at some websites:
    • - a website supports lyrics and LRC files search and download service. It has nearly all the lyrics and LRC files (including most English songs). It is a Chinese website but it is easy to use.
      STEPS to download LRC file:
      • Go to
      • Type title, artist or album in the blank and press the search-button on the right.
      • Then the result will be showed below. Click mouse-left-key on the "LRC" and save the LRC file to your hard dick.
    • Other Chinese websites, such as and
    • Other websites to download LRC files. (So sorry that I do not know any other websites out of China which also supports LRC downloads service.)
  • Search or type the lyrics text without Time-info, and then edit it by yourself. Search or type the lyrics text on some websites like or, and then input Time-info by yourself.
    • Free softwares to edit lyrics:
    • You can also use Windows Notepad to edit the text and Time-info, and make a LRC file with the format show above. Finally change the filename extension from ".txt" to ".lrc".


  • List of other software which can be searched, downloads or edit lyrics/LRC:
  • When you download or edit your LRC file, you should check whether the file-format is correct. Generally, the format of the LRC files, which you download using PC software or from website, is correct. But if you edit LRC files by yourself, you should make sure that the format is correct. If the lyrics do not synchronous, you can modify the start time of each line of lyrics in Time-info. Windows Notepad can help you.
  • Finally, when you have finished the LRC file of your favorite songs, you should transfer them together into your mobile-phone before use LyricShow Player. LRC files should be put into the same folder with their songs. The music file and its LRC file must have the same filename, but different filename extension. The filename extension of LRC file is ".lrc", NOT ".LRC". The CODE of LRC files should be ANSI (or ANSI-GB2312) or UNICODE. Windows Notepad can help you too.
  • Copyright of the lyrics text belongs to the lyrics author/designer.
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