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LyricShow Player

LyricShow Player, lyrics synchronous music player, shows you the lyrics while playing music files. Popular audio file formats like mid/imy/amr/wav/mp3/aac/3gp and mp4 are supported. Besides, you can read E-books while listening to music.

LyricShow Player runs song lyrics synchronously, and enables to show E-books in parallel. This program took the first place at "Java Masters 2006"-Contest.

Fast Key Functions

Multimedia player

  • Right soft key: Main menu
  • Left soft key: Exchange playlists and lyrics
  • 5(short press): Play/Pause/Continue
  • 5(long press): Replay current music
  • 4(short press): choose the previous music
  • 4(long press): play the previous music
  • 6(short press): choose the next music
  • 6(long press): play the next music
  • 2: Volume up
  • 8: Volume down
  • 1: Local time, music time and progress rate
  • 3: Remove items
  • 7: Stop
  • 9: To my stuff to add media
  • *: Mute
  • #: Hold
  • 0: Change play modes(in playlist), change max measure(in video play)
  • 0(long press):change default skins
  • #+Num keys: Quick Selection
  • #+*: Illumination On/Off
  • Green key: Send SMS
  • Red key: Reverse screen
  • Side keys:Volume control
  • When play videos: Press up to skip forward, down to skip backward. Left soft key to exchange playlists and video-show.

E-book reader

  • Right soft key: Main menu
  • Left soft key: Turn to appointed page
  • 5: Play/Pause/Continue
  • 4: Previous Page
  • 6: Next Page
  • 2: Previous line
  • 8: Next line
  • 1: Time, Page, Filename, Progress info
  • 3: Auto page down
  • 7: Stop
  • 9: To my stuff to open books
  • *: Mute
  • #: Next word
  • 0: Change background colors
  • Green key: Send SMS
  • Red key: Reverse screen
  • #+2: Volume up
  • #+3: Change fonts
  • #+4: Previous music
  • #+6: Next music
  • #+8: Volume down
  • #+*: Illumination on/off

About music player and synchronizer

  • This application starts from in the music player mode, so press 9 to browse the files. If you get the securty enquire, please choose "for session". When listening to music, you can use the right soft key to get to the main menu and so that you could do something else, for example: read ebooks.
  • In the music player mode, press 5 to play, or 7 to stop the player. If the music has the lyrics, press the left soft key to exchange lyrics and playlist. Attention, the file with lyrics must be saved in the same direction and have the same filename as the music-file. Lyric files (*.lrc) should be saved using Unicode or ANSI(GB2312) character table.

About E-book reader

  • Press 9 to open books. The HELP document will be shown to you at the first start.
  • The program supports standard ZIP-compressed files (with either .zip or .jar extension). Compressed files can include several files and folders, but beware that the file and foldernames should be ONLY IN ENGLISH. E-book files should be saved using ANSI(GB2312) or Unicode charakter table.

About playlist

You can create or select a playlist in the 3rd item of the main menu. The maximum size of each playlist is 60. Playlists will be saved automatically into the folder 0:/Misc/lyricshow/playlist/.

About skins

There are two default skins to choose from. It is possible to add skin files, save them to 0:/Misc/lyricshow/skins/, the application would get the infomation automatically.

About settings

The 5th item in the main menu are Settings
  • Language: after selecting a new language, restart the application to make changes effective.
  • Time: in order to show you the local time, please select your time zone, for China it is "+8"
  • Others: This application allows you to save your favourite settings. All settings become effective immediately (except for the language). You can also autosave all settings including bookmarks.


  • This application can play only the music files that are supported by your mobilephone.
  • By pressing the red button, the screen will be rotated, and the functions of keys 2,4,6,8 will be changed correspondingly.
  • If the folder 0:/Misc/lyricshow/playlists/ or 0:/Misc/lyricshow/skins/ does not exist, please create it yourself.

Thanks for YANZI7503's and ElecFerrari's help.
Special thanks to: BBS.0110.CN, Sun-Microsystem, BenQ-Mobile.

Designer: Weijian Chen (Pan), TianJin, China
English Edition Translatotion: ElecFerrari, YANZI7503

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