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Mobile Liga Manager

The midlet "Mobile Liga Manager" is an editor of *.l98 Files - de Facto standard for managing sport results.

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This program is for all football fans and lovers of other kinds of sport, who want to view and manage their own league on the way. It works with *.l98 files from the LigaManager '98 Free or the LigaManager Online from Frank Hollwitz.

How to use the Mobile Liga Manager:
  • Install the midlet on your phone.
  • Download and install the program "LigaManager '98 Free" on your computer.
  • Create your own league with LigaManager '98 Free (LM98) and save it on your pc.
  • Once the league is created it will be put in the installation folder of LM98 as a *.l98 file (mostly C:\Programs\LM98Free).
  • Upload this *.l98 file on your phone (device memory / memory card)
  • Now start the Mobile Liga Manager.
  • In the Main Menu select Load,
  • Load: Select the *.l98 file you have uploaded on your phone.
Once the file is loaded you can see "Matches & Results" on your display.
  • Matches & Results: Here you can switch between the Rounds using your joystick left/right or keys 2/8. With your left softkey you can choose between two modes of displaying the results. (not implemented yet: cursor to select matches and enter results.)
  • Pressing the right softkey you can return to the Main Menu which looks like that: Main Menu
    • Load
    • Matches & Results
    • Fixtures
    • Cross Table
    • Tables
    • Graphs
    • Statistics
    • About
  • The items "Load" and "Matches & Results" you know already.
  • Fixtures: Here each teams fixture can be displayed. Using the joystick up/down or keys 4/6 you can scroll the list. Pressing key 3 enables you to switch between the teams. Return to Main Menu pressing right softkey.
  • Cross Table: The Cross Table contains all the results in the league. You can scroll it using joystick left/right/up/down or keys 2/4/6/8. Back to Main Menu with right softkey.
  • Tables: Here three kinds of tables including home and away tables can be displayed. Just switch between them pressing left softkey. Move up and down using your joystick or keys 4/6. In the heading you can read "from Round X to Y". Number X can be changed with keys 1/7 and number Y can be changed with keys 3/9. Just try out. Back to Main Menu
  • Graphs: Here each teams positions during a season are displayed graphically. The blue graph can be changed with key 1 and the red one with key 3. Just try out. Return to Main Menu
  • Statistics: Here statistic data of each team can be displayed. It is quite useful to compare two teams when a match is just around the corner. The team on the left can be changed with key 1 and the team on the right with key 3. Move up and down with joystick or 4/6.

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