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Mobile WebCam

The programm Mobile WebCam give you a possibility to send the pictures from your cameraphone directly in your internet album. The programm can work in two modes: photo camera and webcamera. Having made a picture you can send it to your online album via HTTP/FTP over GPRS/UMTS connection, and it will become accessible from the WWW immediately. Or the programm can send the images from your phone in given intervals.
With the help of this programm you can easily put webcamera to your own webpage.

Become a reporter, or may be a spy...

The programm is free for private non-commercial use.

If you have a WebCam, Java Media Framework, and everything runs under Windows, you can test our Mobile WebCam online right now.
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You need to accept our sertificate.

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Be a reporter all the time - download the programm for your mobile.
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Test new version 1.37

We recommend you to set the following permissions for Mobile WebCam midlet:
  • More->Permissions->Internet Access->Ask Once
  • More->Permissions->Multimedia->Ask Once
  • Interested? Write to us!

    Programm Manual

    First time(minimal) settings

    • Get a free account for your mobile Album
    • Install the midlet to your phone
    • We recommend you to set the following permissions for Mobile WebCam midlet: More->Permissions->Internet Access->Ask Once
      More->Permissions->Multimedia->Ask Once
    • Ohterwise each time you make a picture or send it to your Album, your phone will ask you if you permit to do it.
    • Run the midlet
    • Go to menu, select "Settings", enter your account login in the field "login"

    Making pictures

    • Press "Capture" to make a picture (if it is possible to view the made picture, you will see it, otherwise you will see your viewfinder. Get more information about supported resolutions)
    • Press "Send" to upload the image to your online Album
    • If you don't want to send this picture, go to the menu and press "ViewFinder".
    Your new pictures will be stored in your "Incoming" directory. Attention: If you didn't enter your account login, your pictures will be moderated by site admin, and will be published for everbody. The images in the WebCam mode will be accesible in public webcam. If you entered your login incorrectly, you pictures will be lost.

    To check whether the pictures were succesfully uploaded, go to the menu, and select "Info".

    Using WebCam

    • You have to turn to the "ViewFinder" mode. If the current mode is different, just leave the menu, or press "ViewFinder".
    • Press "Start WebCam"
    The WebCam can work in two modes: normal and spy mode. The WebCam mode can be selected from "Settings" menu. In the normal mode you see the images, captured by the phone.
    • To leave the WebCam mode, press "Stop".
    In the spy mode, after pressing "Start WebCam" the midlet will run in the background, and you will see just the common interface of your phone (up to a Java sign). To leave the spy mode you need to rerun the midlet. After rerunning it you can stop the WebCam by pressing "Stop".


    • Select the resolution and image format. We strongly recommend you to select "jpeg" format.
    • Spy mode: on/off
    • The time interval(in seconds) of sending images in WebCam mode
    • Account login
    • The destination URL: the web address to which the image will be sent. Do not change this field, unless you know exactly what you are doing.

    Managing your online Album and WebCam

    Having made and sent the picture, it appears in your "Incoming directory". You can edit the properties of a picture so, that it will be either accessible to everbody or to you only.
    You can also easily create new directories and move the images between them.

    The images from you WebCam are saved in a special directory. You can edit the properties of your WebCam - make it public or private...

    Go to the Albums...

    If you have a question, and you didn't find the answer here... Or you have a suggestion or bug report, the please ask at the forum.

    Mobile WebCam participated in Java Masters 2006 Contest and took the second place

    We are glad to inform you that Mobile WebCam was selected to become one of the Top 10 applications at Java Masters 2006 Contest. Between June 17 and July 16 the online voting took place, which defined the three best applications. The programm Mobile WebCam took the second place. We would like to thank all those who voter for Mobile WebCam, thank you for supporting us.

    Rambler's Top100