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Protect your SMS messages from reading by unauthorized persons. The programm uses DES encryption algorithm with closed key.

Don't forget that the excepting side should install the programm too, otherwise it will be impossible to read encrypted messages.
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We recommend you to set the following permission for SmsProtector midlet, if it is possible:
  • More->Permissions->Messages->Ask Once or Never Ask

  • Program capabilities.

    1. Encryption of SMS messages.
    2. Encryption of program data. (received/sended messages, contacts)
    3. Additional ways of data protection: protection-SMS, on receiving of which all data is deleted, old messages are removed and so on.
    4. Built-in phonebook, that allow quickly operate with contacts, which the user would'nt want to enter to standart phonebook.
    5. Converting of russian text to translit allows the user to use fast built-in typing methods (T9) together with transliteration for sending long messages.

    System requirements:

    Phone or smartphone with Java (MIDP 2.0; WMA), for example Motorola E398, Nokia 6600 or any other modern cellular phone.

    WMA - is an optional package for J2ME that provides platform-independent access to wireless communication resources like Short Message Service (SMS).

    Program advantages

    1. Wide range of supported phones: the only two requirements are MIDP 2.0 and WMA.
    2. Using simplicity (There is a detailed help in each program's menu on each program function). To use the program, user should install it to his phone and to phones of his companions. After that you have to make arrangements with companions about passwords. And then it will be possible to communicate with companions through the program.
    3. Secure encryption algorithms. (In the current version of program DES algorithm is used)
    4. Maximum compatibility. The program is also compatible with phones without SmsProtector. The program is able to send not encrypted messages. In this case sent messages are encrypted only in sender's phone.

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