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WebCam Viewer

With the help of the programm WebCam Viewer you will be able to view livecams. Just enter the url and the interval, and enjoy it...

View livecams with your mobile phone!

Test the programm at NRJ-Radio-Webcam:
Test now!
You need to accept our sertificate.

Download the programm for your mobile.
Download now!

We recommend you to set the following permissions for WebCam Viewer midlet:
  • More->Permissions->Internet Access->Ask Once

  • Settings

    • Enter the interval of refresh in the field "Pause"
    • Enter the URL of the WebCam images in the field "Source"

    Controls while viewing the webcam

    Use joystick or keys 2,4,6,8 to navigate through the image(if it is bigger than the screen). Any other key - return to menu.

    How to find the URL of the webcam

    • Find a public webcam-page with the help of a common internet-browser. We take for example NRJ-Radio website
    • Find the WebCam image. Look for "Energy Webcam" at our example site
    • Press the right button at the image of the webcam, and select "properties". Find the URL-Adress. This URL your have to enter in the field "Source". In our example the URL-Adress is

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