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Applications for Mobile Phones

Do you think that you mobile is suitable only for making calls? Believe us your small companian can a lot more. This section is a proof of it. You will find here applications which extend its capabilities.
Mobile WebCam - this programm makes a really mobile webcam from your cell phone, which sends images using GPRS or UMTS. You can watch images using a common web browser or your phone using WebCam Viewer.

Public Images created using Mobile WebCam...

The programm "Mobile Text Reader" is a good solution for reading large text files on your mobile. The programm gives numerious possibilities of displaying text. Human-engineered interface, a great variety of options, easy navigation, bookmarks and text search - are characterizing features of this programm.
We have prepaired a review of programms which let you read large text files on the screen of your phone... To read this review you need to know russian...

Have fun!!!
You need an application for your mobile and cannot find it anywhere? Write to the developers, may be you will find soon this application here.
MIDP 2.0 Web Emulator
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