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Welcome to the website of the M.i.R. Group!

The task of this website is to collect and systematize the information about free (and not only) applications and games for mobile phones and devices, to unite the "mobile users" giving a possibility to navigate in the modern mobile world (that is exactly what "mobile-mir" means).

A mobile phone is the only thing the most of people have with them everywhere and at any time: in the underground, in the line and even during the leisure time. If you have a few spare minutes and a possibility to play - why don't you occupy yourself with an interesting vivid game?

The policy of the modern market of mobile content gives no opportunity for ordinary people to use their mobile devices effectively - the prices of mobile content, which quality is quite poor, are raised to high. A certain monopolization of this market gives no chance for young developers with their, maybe unique, proceedings.

Our goal is to change the situation. Having made appropriate efforts one can find a lot of free high-quality mobile content. Unfortunately, we do not know any good sources, where this kind of materials is presented. We will try to introduce to you the best game solutions from companies and groups with still unknown in the mobile world names.
Every program you find here you can try on line(with the help of our emulator) completely free, besides you can download a free version for your handheld.

We offer our collaboration in producing, supporting and promoting of mobile contents for web portals and sites, cellular operators, WAP sites. You can order a special software(for example games) for a certain mobile device, which will be produced according to your plan, will include your materials; we can also take on us the whole production cycle including additional services as producing documentation, promotion materials and web staff.

And, of course, we are happy to cooperate with developers. For you we are ready to create a flexible collaboration framework: from hosting of you contents, when you support your products yourself, to making your content popular(our audience is central Europe). There is also a possibility, on certain conditions, to outsource the producing of mobile content: we can remake or develop code for you, we can give at you disposal necessary graphics and sound.

Stay with us,
M.i.R. Group.

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