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Mobile Diamond Rush

Mobile Diamond Rush is interesting and fascinating arcade-puzzle game. The small cheery mole travels through the dungeons and collects diamonds. Along 19 engaging level you are going to fight with amusing monsters throwing stones down on them, to lay the road to underground treasures and to look for valuable surprises.
Original game world, comfortable controls, high-quality graphics and animation characterize this game.
A little bit about the life of our hero. How did his absorbing journey started? This wonder of nature called Krotikus, he is young, and as all the youthes lived a light-hearted life. He would have continued his careless life, if he hadn't met the charming Swede. And he liked her so much, that decided to endow her richly with all the treasures of the world. Since he was poor, he had to set out in search of treasures. His way was long, until he found dungeons with ancient diamonds. Here starts his adventure. He does not know yet that to get out of the labyrinth, it is necessary to collect all the diamonds.

Help the main hero of the game - the small mole Krotikus - to collect the diamonds, fight with funny monsters, and stay safe and sound. Using the advantages of the landscape drop the stones on monsters to annihilate them.
Each level of the game is a vast dungeon with a door (which leads to the next level). When you collect al the diamonds at the current level, the door opens - hurry to meet new adventures!
In addition to diamonds you can look for surprises: additional time, additional life, freezing of the monsters for 20 seconds.

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(Java required)

Download the game for you mobile, and play it any time your want. Download now!
In the menu item "Options" you can adjust sound volume, switch on or off the vibroalarm effects. Selecting the item "New Game" in the main menu, you choose the level of game complexity(three levels) and the game starts!
On the game screen you will find the following elements:
- The time (in seconds) left to complete your mission: collect all the diamonds,
- The quantity of diamonds that you have collected, and the quantity of all diamonds located on the current map.
- The number of lives(tries) left. You can find a new life in a surprise.

At first, probably, you have to look around. Pressing the left soft button you will switch the exploration mode on. Now pressing left, right, up and down you can study the map: find the location of diamonds, surprises and the exit to next level.
Remember that in the exploration mode the game is not paused: the time ticks, you can be squashed by a stone, the monsters are not going to stand on ceremony with you.

If you need to get to the main menu just press the right soft button.

After seeing how the land lies, press the right soft button again and you will return to the game mode, you task now - is to collect the diamonds. To take the diamond just walk on the square where it is situated, the diamond will disappear, and the quantity of collected diamonds will increase by one.
Remember that the door leading to the next level will open if and only if you collect all the diamonds at the current level.
Beside the diamonds you can also collect the surprises. The surprises can be of several types:
- additional life,
- extra time˙(20 seconds),
- freezing all the monsters for 20 seconds.

On your way of explorer you will meet different monsters - underground keepers. Judging from their's appearance they are harmless, it seems that they move so slowly, that could hardly be dangerous for our hero. However it is enough to touch them and a disgraceful death will strike you.
On no account calling we upon to kill these beasts, nevertheless we will inform you how to do it: just push the stone or let it fall on the monster, and it will never stand on your way.

When you find the last diamond, you will here the sound and the door leading to the next level will open. Go to the door! New worlds, new adventures and countless treasures are waiting for you!

All finished levels will be accessible through the main menu item "Load Game".
After finishing all the levels, you will receive a secret code for accessing a completely remade winter version of the game: new graphics, additional levels, cleverer monsters are waiting for you!

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Idea, the game concept, graphics and design were created by our painter Sergei Koritsev.
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