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Games for mobile phones

You will find here free games for your mobile phone.
A new shooting game "Moon Story" about the guy Chak, who had just crushed at the moon. Explore the planet and find the way how to leave it. You will meet on your way a lot of traps, dangerous craters and rocks, energy fields and fire balls... But the monsters are you main enemy... You have a mini-gun and hand grenades... Kill'em All!
You would not call the game "CubeLines" an easy one. This game is like the tic-tac-toe extended from a plane to 3d. There are two players; the game field is a 4x4x4 cube. The goal of the game is to put four chips of your color in a row of arbitrary direction. The game has a serious AI, so it will be a challange to win...

The game "The Hungry Hare" is for our youngest players. It is about a funny, but always hungry hare, who likes tasty carrots. Help him to catch as many carrots as possible, avoiding the falling bombs. Vivid grpahics and simple but dynamic gameplay will not get your bored.

The game "Mobile CeerCop" is for those who like to solve interesting puzzles: help the hero of the game - CeerCop - to find the exit from the labyrinth.

Do you want to go in the journey full of adventures? Our new game "Mobile Diamond Rush" will let you to dive into the world of dungeons and underground treasures. Help the main hero of the game - the small mole Krotikus to research the caves, to gather sparkling diamonds and to escape from dangerous and awful, but very pretty monsters.

Chess - the game of the kings - for your mobile phone. And, probably, it is the best chess game for mobile phones to this moment! When playing against your phone you can select its skill level from "novice" up to "expert" (there are five levels). You can save the current game and continue whenever you want.

A fascinating game which will check your talent in playing tetris! A very good realization of the game with all usual options. Playing this java-game it is possible to spend an eternity!.
How many points can you gether?

Checkers or draughts is a strategy board games between two players which involve diagonal moves of uniform pieces and mandatory captures by jumping over the enemy's pieces.

River Raid UA - a remake of an old ATARI game.

A logic game - 3 Ballz - put three balls of the same color in a colomn or a row.

This vivid game will definitely help you to relax!

Kinight's move.



A tetris like game.

A well-known russian card game: Dyrak.

The game "KoLines" consists of three logic games KoLines, Fifteen, Blockage based on a well-known game "Lines".

The game "Battle Tanx" is a remake of a well-known game BattleCity(tm).

The aim of the game Earthquaker is to search for diamonds in the labyrinth and avoid hitting by stones. To complete each level, you have to find all the diamonds and carry on to the exit before your time expires. You have to complete all 28 levels to win this game. If you think that you have a good reaction, this game will be a good test for you.
Java game - is an excellent gift! Just send a game link to the person, to whom you want to make a present.

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