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The Tower of Hanoi

The problem of "the Tower of Hanoi" is known to a lot of us. The task seems to be easy - just move the Tower of Hanoi - the pyramide consisting of disks of descending order put at spindle to the other spindle, taking only one disk at a time, which you can put only at a disk of bigger diameter or at a free spindle. Test at practice the recursiveness of this problem. "The Tower Of Hanoi" is a good game to train your ability to concentrate.

The are two ways to solve the problem: to do it recursively, or to find a procedure... Which way do you preffer?

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(Java required)

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The puzzle "The Tower of Hanoi" was invented by the French mathematician Edouard Lucas in 1883. There are three poles one of which contains threaded disks sorted from the biggest one at the bottom to the smallest one at the top. You can take disks from one pole and put them on another one, but you can lift only one disk at a time, and put only a smaller disk at the top of the bigger one. So, the goal of the game "Tower of Hanoi" is to remove disks from the central pole and collect them at another empty pole.

There are six levels in the game. You can chose level from the menu, or if you successfully finish, the game will start at the higher level.

  • 4 - left
  • 6 - right
  • 2 - up (raise) disk
  • 8 - down (drop) disk
The program will run even at MIDP-1.0 device.
You can get the source code for the game "The Tower of Hanoi" at the authors website.
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