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The Hungry Hare

An amusing game about a funny, but always hungry hare, who likes tasty carrots. Help him to catch as many carrots as possible, avoiding the falling bombs. Vivid grpahics and simple but dynamic gameplay will not get your bored.

Controlling the hare try to collect the carrots in the basket, avoiding the falling bombs! Remember that if you don't catch a carrot in 40 seconds, then the hare will die of hunger!

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(Java required)

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Once upon a time there was a little hare-skipjack. He was cheery and happy, jumped from pillar to post... But a great trouble came to him - he fell ill. His disease was quite unusual, not what you have thouhgt about, but a metabolic disturbance. And there was the only one medicine - to eat carrot as often as possible... And the grief would have befallen over the forest, if our hare wouldn't have found the magic meadow. The carrots are coming there directly out of the blue - just catch them, eat and don't be ill! But the times now are not as before very likely that a stone can fall from the moon. Or even worse - a bomb!

In short, our hare went off his's head, and he cannot even move itself. Help the poor thing to survive - controlling the hare collect the carrots in the basket, avoiding the falling bombs!

The game's goal is to get the highest score. The points are given for caught carrots - 30 points for a big one, 10 for a small. At the left hand side of the game screen you see a satisfaction indicator. When you catch a carrot it is immediatelly milled and goes directly to the hare's stomach... The time ticks, you need to jump here and there - calories are being burnt. HUNGER!!! A the hare is seek... The delay is the death like...
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