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The Mobile-Mir is the world of free games and free applications for your mobile... Here you will find free j2me games and applications for java enabled devices which you can try online.

The programm LyricShow Player
by Weijian Chen from China which took the first place at Java Masters 2006 Contest - lyrics synchronous music player, which can show you the lyrics while you are playing music, and support various formats such as mid/amr/wav/mp3/aac/imy/3gp and mp4. Besides, you can read E-books when you are listening to the music.
We are glad to inform you that the programm Mobile WebCam took the second place in Java Masters 2006 Contest. With the help of this programm you can publish the photos from your cameraphone in a WWW-Album (at this or your website), moreover you can use your cameraphone as a webcam or a motion cam.

Our thanks go to all those who voted for the application Mobile WebCam!
A new logic game Quadriki will help you to relax... Removing connected groups of squares of the same color, try to clean the game field. The squares above fall then down. At the first glance the game seems to be easy... But now try to clean the whole field...

Su Doku, sometimes spelled Sudoku, is now available for your mobile! The aim of the puzzle is to enter a numerical digit from 1 through 9 in each cell of a 9x9 grid made up of 3x3 subgrids, starting with various digits given in some cells. Each row, column, and region must contain only one instance of each numeral.

50 levels are waiting for you!

A well-known Chinese Puzzle. Train your Brain!!!

The game field is a cross filled with a bunch of balls with a free space in the center. The aim of the game is to clear the game field from the balls, to remove the ball you need to jump over it with another ball to the free space...

The game Sea Battle was definetly your favourite one some time before.

Sea Battle over SMS - this is a new SMS based game for two players. You can play Sea Battle with your friends from another cities or countries!
You would not call the game "CubeLines" an easy one. This game is like the tic-tac-toe extended from a plane to 3d. There are two players; the game field is a 4x4x4 cube. The goal of the game is to put four chips of your color in a row of arbitrary direction. The game has a serious AI, so it will be a challange to win...

The game "The Hungry Hare" is for our youngest players. It is about a funny, but always hungry hare, who likes tasty carrots. Help him to catch as many carrots as possible, avoiding the falling bombs. Vivid grpahics and simple but dynamic gameplay will not get your bored.

Do you want to go in the journey full of adventures? Our new game "Mobile Diamond Rush" will let you to dive into the world of dungeons and underground treasures. Help the main hero of the game - the small mole Krotikus to research the caves, to gather sparkling diamonds and to escape from dangerous and awful, but very pretty monsters.

Chess - the game of the kings - for your mobile phone. And, probably, it is the best chess game for mobile phones to this moment! When playing against your phone you can select its skill level from "novice" up to "expert" (there are five levels). You can save the current game and continue whenever you want.

A fascinating game which will check your talent in playing tetris! A very good realization of the game with all usual options. Playing this java-game it is possible to spend an eternity!.
How many points can you gether?

The aim of the game Earthquaker is to search for diamonds in the labyrinth and avoid hitting by stones. To complete each level, you have to find all the diamonds and carry on to the exit before your time expires. You have to complete all 28 levels to win this game. If you think that you have a good reaction, this game will be a good test for you.
03.06.2009 17:01
A new top-down shooter game Bloody Mess for MIDP 2.0 mobile phones was published.
22.05.2009 14:28
Do you want to burn something? Then copy this midlet to your phone, and you will be able to light a fire on an image or text.
09.12.2006 13:17
Create your own schema for a java-enabled cell phone with our new tutorial and utilities.
24.11.2006 13:12
We are proud to announce a new project BlueWebCam.
14.10.2006 13:06
Japanise Puzzle Picross from our partner Martin Neumann is available for your mobile phone.
22.08.2006 11:50
Java MastersThe winners of the international developers’ competition Java Masters, organized by BenQ Mobile and Sun Microsystems, have been decided. In the “Student” category, Weijian Chen from the People’s Republic of China convinced the jury with the music player application LyricShow Player which runs song Iyrics synchronously, and enables to show E-books in parallel. In the “Professional” segment, the German developers Thomas Bauer and Heiko Vogeler prevailed among the 10 finalists. Their GPS application Bike GPS Mobile is a Java-based application for outdoor navigation. It enables active mountainbikers not only to track downloaded routes and altitude profiles, but also recording of GPS tracks is enabled with this application. Actually - it's gone public already and can be found here:
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