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Mobile Text Reader

A programm for reading large text files on your mobile. The programm gives numerious possibilities of displaying text. Human-engineered interface, a great variety of options, easy navigation, bookmarks and text search.
  • Supports aligning: left/right/center/justify (tags <l>, <r>, <z>, <bl>)
  • Supports text styles: bold, italic, underlined (tags <b>, </b>, <i>, </i>, <u>, </u>)
  • Supports different text sizes(small, medium, large) (tags <fs>, <fm>, <fl>)
  • Supports font colors (tag <c:ff0000>)
  • Background and ink color control (if the color formatting is not being used)
  • Supports images(tag <img="/pic.png">)
  • Tunable text autoscroll (smooth, by line, by page)
  • Easy text navigation: go to( given line, given part in percent)
  • Text search(You can find quickly a sentence or even a part of a word)
  • Bookmarks(not more than 255 + last position in text)
  • Supported codepages UTF-8, Unicode, ANSI, a capabilty to add user-defined codepages(windows-1251 and dos-866 are included)
  • Display rotation in 90, 180 270
  • While reading you can access time, position and other important information.
  • Backlight control (for some phones only switch on/off support)

Example of the formated text

  • Menu Description
  • Tags Description
  • How to add your own codepage
  • How to add a text file manually

How to use Mobile Text Reader:
  • Download and istall on your computer the programm "Mobile Text Reader Maker"
  • Add the text and graphic files. Using the internal editor add the necessary formatting: emphasize important, underline the summary...
  • Create and save the MIDlet with one click
  • Install the midlet on your phone
  • Enjoy reading on your phone!

Enjoy reading!
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