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Making of your own Schema

Here you will find a detailed description of how you can make a scheme with a quick search for your java-enabled device.
Some examples: USAR-Plan for Hamburg (Germany), S-Bahnen und Straßenbahnen von Stuttgart and S- und U-Bahn Plan for Berlin (Germany).
Quicksearch needed in the following projects: Bahnen in Köln and S- und U-Bahn München.

What do you need?

1. An image - it can be quite large - 3000x2000 is ok.
2. Paint (Standard Windows Programm).
3. Photoshop or something like it.
4. Notepad (Standard Windows Programm).
5. Winrar or Winzip.
6. Some utilities which you can download here (for some of them Java Runtime Environment is needed).
7. Free time.

Create a working directory. Create subdirectory of the working directory - output directory where you are going to store intermediate files. From now on we will call this directory "the output directory".

Preparing the image

1. Take an image with a scheme.
2.[Optional] Try to make the image so, that its size in pixels is divisible by 128 or 256.
3. Save the image as a 24-bits Windows Bitmap.
4. Save the image as a 24-bits PNG file "in.png" to the working directory.
5. With the help of Photoshop change the size of the image, so that the width and height is less or equal to 128. Save the image "for Web" as a 8-bits PNG file to the output directory with the name "g.png". Rename it to "g".

Creating the image data for the programm

1. Download the utilities for cutting und renaming. To use this utilities, you need to have Java Runtime Environment installed. Unzip the files to the working directory.
2. Create the subdirectory "pics" in the working directory.
3. Cut the image using the utility: write in the command line "java CutImg in.png 128 128 pics/" and press enter to cut the image "in.png" into pieces of size 128x128 which will be stored in the subdirectory "/pics/". Or run "a.bat"
4. Move the file "c" from "/pics/" to the output directory.
5. [Optional] Open the images from the directory "/pics/" with Photoshop and save them "for Web" as a 8-bits PNG file to the same directory replacing the old files.
6. Rename the the images with the utility: write in the command line "java FileRename pics/", or run "b.bat".
7. Move all the files from the directory "/pics/" to the output directory.

Creating Logo

Logo: Create an image of size 176x220, and save it "for Web" as a 8-bits PNG file with the help of Photoshop. Rename it to "d" and move to the output directory.

Icon: Create an image of size 16x16 and save it "for Web" as a 8-bits PNG file with the help of Photoshop. Rename it to "b.png" and move to the output directory.

Creating Quicksearch

1. Create a text file each line of which will be in the index. Save it with ANSI-codepage. Rename it to "a" and move to the output directory.
2. Download the Utility for editing text marks positions on a large Image (Version 1.01).
3. Run the programm.
4. Press "File->Open Image", and select the Windows Bitmap image made in Section "Preparing the image".
5. Press "File->Open Text Marks", and select the file "a" from the output directory.
6. Press the left button of the mouse at the image where the text shown in the statusbar must be situated.
7. Continue with the step 6, until you see finished. The step 6 you have to do n times, where n is the number of lines in file "a".
8. Press "File->Save Positions", select the output directory and save the file with name "b".

Creating the midlet

1. To this moment the output directory should contain the following files:
  • "a" - with text lines,
  • "b" - with positions of text lines,
  • "b.png" - the icon of the midlet,
  • "c" - the image desciptor file,
  • "d" - an image with the logo,
  • "g" - a small image of the whole schema,
  • "x_y" - with x,y numbers, part images of the whole schema.
2. Create a new directory in the output directory named "META-INF". Download and save "the manifest file" into it.
3. Open the manifest file with the notepad.
4. Substitute "SchemaXXX" with the wanted name of the midlet. You have to do this twice.
5. Save the file (to the subdirectory "META-INF" of the output directory).
6. Download "schema.jar" and rename it to "WantedName.jar".
7. Open the file WantedName.jar with WinRar.
8. Open the output directory, and select all files in it.
9. Drag and drop it to WinRar.

Test the midlet

Upload the file "WantedName.jar" to your cell-phone and test the programm. Problems? You can alway get some help in the forum.

Share it

Send the file "WantedName.jar" with your schema to your friends. If you want me to publish it here - send it to with a short description.

How to share via Bluetooth on SE phones: Rename the file "WantedName.jar" to "WantedName" and upload to the phone. It will be saved in the directory "Others".
You can now send this file to another phone. After recieving and saving it, press Rename, and add the letters "jar" after the point. You will see the button "intall", press it to install the program.


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Code&Idea&Tutorial: Vladimir Vasilyev
(c) Vladimir Vasilyev

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